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Saturday, March 04, 2006

You Can Help

The way this campaign is gathering momentum has exceeded our hopes. We now ask for people to help with some of the practical aspects. We have been reluctant to ask for donations, not least because we haven't had time to put in place financial arrangements of what we feel should be the necessary transparency. To help keep down costs, any help with the following would be greatly appreciated. If you feel you can help, please mail us:

  • Poster/leaflet design. Any Photoshop/Quark/Gimp fiends out there? We need simple A4 designs people can print off on their own computers or get printed in whatever quantities they feel they want to afford for distribution before and during the event. pdf format please, oversize version with cut marks as well as A4, if possible, mono as well as colour. Mail them to us and we'll put them on a download site. Wit, simplicity and elegance preferred to spleen.

  • We'll need to provide stewards. Volunteers?

  • Help with media relations. We will be starting to bring out press releases next week. Will you help by circulating them to your local media? Mail us if you are willing to help.

  • We need to hire a public address system, unless... Anyone have one lying around in the back of their garage? :-P

  • Ditto staging

  • A couple of generators

Obviously, we'll hire professional gear if nothing is forthcoming. If you feel you might be willing to make a donation, we'll start taking pledges on this email address. We don't want to take any money until we know what we need and have a decent financial system in place so all money is properly and publically accounted for.


Anonymous alison said...

OK. will see if i can help with some stuff and contact you via email midweek

12:25 am  

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