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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

You can help - Update

Thank you very much for the pledges and artwork sent in so far. Downloads of poster and banner material will be available from tomorrow, Thursday. We have also been able to satisfy some of the requirements mentionedin our earlier post, so a revised list of the ways you can help runs as follows. If you feel you can help, please mail us:

  • Poster/leaflet design.

  • We'll need to provide stewards. Volunteers?

  • Help with media relations. We will be starting to bring out press releases on Friday. Will you help by circulating them to your local media?

  • We need a public address system.


Anonymous Nick Pullar said...

I will be organising the stewards. My name is Nick Pullar, and I'm from the National Secular Society. If you would like to be a steward, please email me at

10:07 am  
Anonymous Tony said...

I'm a student and Goldsmiths University of London and would be willing to put any posters made available on this site around the Campus to make fellow students aware of the march.

12:27 am  

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