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Friday, March 17, 2006

Support from Michael Stephen Fuchs

Writer Michael Stephen Fuchs (whose novel THE MANUSCRIPT tells of a document that manages to threaten ALL the world's religions) blogs his support:

Scarcely two weeks ago, inspired by a quiet plea from Christopher Hitchens, free speech partisans gathered outside the Danish Embassy in Washington DC to show their support and 'to affirm some elementary friendship'. This was followed, with enlivening speed and energy, by copycat rallies in New York, Toronto, Chicago, and San Francisco. Now it is our turn: an opportunity to stand up in proud and public support of that most indispensable of liberal values - the right to speak freely, without fear of physical violence - and the bedrock upon which a free, pluralistic, consensual society stands. I, for one, intend to take my stand here and now - hopefully, before I get Rushdied. ;^) And I am asking every Londoner I know to stand with me.


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