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Friday, March 10, 2006

No longer SELF-less

We very much welcome endorsements and expressions of support from all organisations, large and small, so we'd like to thank South East London Folklore Society for their expression of support in their recent newsletter:
Freedom of expression is essential, in my opinion, to a working, civilised society. It isn't merely the right to say what you want and the right to upset people who don't agree with you (though that's often fun). I think that, ultimately, it's about opening a dialogue between people with differing views where the consideration of differing opinions is undertaken, not the condemnation.

That's why those with a hateful view point, such as the racist and the dangerously religious, are not invited because they are against such a dialogue. They're not interested in promoting understanding and tolerance.

I am though, I hope to be there on 25th, and hopefully so are you. The best thing that grows from communication and tolerance is that one very often discovers a new way of seeing the world.


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