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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Jesus and Mo

The creators of the Jesus and Mo comic mailed us:
Just to let you know that you have our full support for this march. We'll do our utmost to be there.

The latest comic is upon that theme:

Peace and blessings be upon you,

Jesus & Mo
Check it out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A question to which I am unsure of the answer. If Muslims find pictorial representations of Mohammed offensive, then why isn't showing such pictures in public, e.g. on a march, the same as showing, say, obscene pictures? People would also find these offensive. Most people would therefore not parade around the capital showing them on placards.

So is the difference because of the protests against the cartoons, which makes it necessary to reshow them? Or are you arguing that it is necessary to offend people for the sake of it, to defend free speech?

9:52 pm  
Blogger Voltaire said...

So you could dislike people who paraded obscene pictures around London, and say so, and parade around London with signs saying so. We are saying that the people showing the cartoons should not be threatened, hurt, killed or imprisoned for doing so.

But you're off on a strange tack. This campaign is about freedom of expression, not just Danish cartoons. We made it clear here that "This is not just a campaign about the Danish Cartoon affair, though we are strongly supportive of the cartoonists' right to draw any subject they like, and we offer our solidarity and support to the Danish people in this difficult time. We know some people want to bring banners showing the cartoons, or wear them on T-shirts, so we ask them to consider the following.

There are two broad contexts within which the cartoons might be displayed. One is "F*@$ all Muslims" and the other is "I am Spartacus/We are all Danes". We will not welcome displays that fall into the first category.
We do regret that there was not a broader "I am Spartacus - we stand together, you can't just pick on one Danish newspaper" movement among the world's press and media. If people wish to reflect this sentiment and display the cartoons we would suggest either no caption at all or "I am Spartacus", "We are all Danes"."

It is necessary, for there to be free speech, that people are able to offend others. To say you advocate free speech for people with whom you agree is meaningless. Of course you do. It only becomes meaningful, and a bulwark against tyranny, when you advocate the right of free speech of people with whom you disagree, as did Voltaire.

10:04 pm  
Blogger Sonic said...

" We will not welcome displays that fall into the first category"

So what are you planning to do when they arrive?

10:58 pm  
Blogger Dan said...

"We will not welcome displays that fall into the first category"

So what are you planning to do when they arrive?

Nice question. Don't you mean "if"? Or do you know something we don't?

There's been nothing like that at any of the previous rallies (you should know, you've been trolling over the Toronto demo) and with our resident troll calling on the BNP to boycott the event there's no indication it will be an issue.

But rest assured, if there is a problem with hateful banners or protesters, the police will be on hand to intervene:
"This is not an anti-Muslim campaign, we do not endorse that sort of sentiment and we are proud to have support from some Muslims. We share our society with Muslims and will have no part in incitement of hatred towards them, our neighbours.

"If on the day we feel that any banners do incite hatred, our stewards will ask for them to be removed and, in the case of a refusal, we will ask the police to intervene. We are not prepared under any circumstances to allow this to be hijacked by hate-mongers."

3:40 am  

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