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Friday, March 17, 2006


I can't really be bothered to fisk this post from Islamophobia Watch, but I link to it in case anyone has missed it. It's no fun if every sentence is ridiculous; the pleasure of fisking comes from spotting the missing teeth on the gear wheels.

Quick summary instead: because a BNP spin-off has expressed support for us, it is reasonable to imply that we support the BNP spin-off. In other words, because Kevin Smith supports Manchester United, we can say that Manchester United supports Kevin Smith.

Read it all.


Anonymous Quradawi's Secret Gay Lover said...

Islamophobia Watch are an absolute fucking joke and I say that as someone on the left who is proud of two decades of anti-fascist activism. Their MO is that any form of criticism against Islam, even by Muslims themselves, is not allowable.

IIRC, they're funded by Socialist Action, the obscure Trot sect funded by GLA salaries. Given the GLA control Trafalgar Square, perhaps assurances should be sort that the demo will be allowed to go ahead without interference from these? It wouldn't surprise me if there's a last minute spanner thrown in the works.

11:51 pm  
Anonymous gallowaybehind said...

BNP, Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association, an Iranian communist, yeah, I can see the connection, suddenly it's all becoming clear.

Aren't 'Backlash' (?) and PEN supporting this too? Get em' on the sidebar!

11:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gallowaybehind hasent done its homework. No BNP. The March has repeatedly said that the BNP is not wellcome and the BNP have called for a Boycott of the event. RTFM !

1:45 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Islamophobia Watch is a good cause but insanely badly done. Muslims shouldnt be spat on in the street or attacked by thugs but that site has gone a step further and seems to try and equate people who shout 'go home Pakis' with anyone who has any concern about immigration policy, the treatment of people in Muslim countries or freedom of speech being stepped on. I hate the way they just assume everything is a conspiracy - what if I want to wave a heart shaped Danish flag because I feel sorry for the Danes who have had death threats or lost their jobs from (racist) boycotts? Oops I just made an assumption there..

4:19 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Islamophobiawatch is a blog that doesn't allow comments ... which is a pity because all the blog that they critise do.

This is a reflextion of the effects of MAC and MPA all seek to remove the comments section on Islam from everywhere.

It appears that all the Muslim groups favour asking questions, not answering them.

5:25 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, now we know you are happy to share a platform with fascists.

Glad that's settled.

6:39 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So now we know you're happy to embrace bonkers clerics who endorse the stoning of homosexuals and adulterers. Glad that's settled then.

1:19 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's the link that says the BNP are boycotting this event?

There isn't any, unless you know different!

9:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is good to have support from all shades of opinion. Calling people names and branding them 'fascists' is unlikely to win many friends.

I had a look at the Civil Liberty site. ( Very commendable.

I think you should add it to your list of supporters on your home page.

If not, then why not?

9:24 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW, who is 'Kevin Smith' and what has all of this to do with Man Utd?

9:30 am  
Anonymous Infidel said...

Can all these people called 'Anonymous' please use a name, if only a pseudonym? How are we to tell who is replying to whom?

4:42 pm  
Anonymous wnw said...

yep i have a real problem with anonymous too - he keeps changing his mind, his opinion, his political affiliations and his religion - maybe it's her... who knows ...but it makes it hard to follow a thread. i agree pseudonyms are fine - Anonymous will you please stand up?

6:53 pm  
Anonymous Zsa Zsa said...

People where asking who Kevin Smith, the director of "Civil Liberty" was. Well according to BBC he is Regional organiser BNP for the North East and branch organiser for Newcastle BNP. In 1987 he was convicted for assault and in
1993 he was convicted for using threatening words and behaviour.

In 2001 he wrote an article in the International Third Position newspaper "The Final Conflict".

He says he will be joining you on Saturday.

5:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha,ha, you idiot.

Wrong name, wrong person.

I think 'Kevin Smith' was meant to be a random name, unlike yours!

9:41 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"According to the BBC....."

Nuff said!

9:43 am  

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