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Friday, March 03, 2006

Evan Harris, MP to Speak at Rally

We are delighted to announce that Evan Harris, MP for Oxford West and Abingdon and Liberal Democrat human rights spokesman, has expressed his support for this campaign and will be speaking in Trafalgar Square on the 25th.

Following the recent government defeat on the Religious Hatred Bill, Dr Harris said: "The government just failed to understand that they can't take liberties with freedom of expression".

Let's help them get closer to understanding this on the 25th.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will you be allowing members of the far right to speak?

I thought this was not going to be political?

Why have you invited a Lib Dem to speak?

Your "march" is politcal. It has been infiltrated and hijacked by liberals.

7:58 pm  
Blogger Voltaire said...

Ah, our persistent friend from the BNP, if I'm not mistaken. I was starting to miss the daily attempt to goad us. Hope you're keeping well.

8:07 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not interested in goading you. I'm being perfectly serious. I'm sorry, but you a poltiically hijacking the cause of free speech by inviting people from political organisations you agree with, but telling others who you don't agree with, to stay away.

You have no argument or defence of your hypocrasy here.

All I ask is that you concentrate on the cause and avoid being political. You're being politcal as soon as you invite representives from certain political parties and not others.

Either everyone is welcome to support the universal of cause of free speech or they ain't.

In this case not everyone is welcome, so you aren't defending everyones free speech.

I want to defend everyones free speech and so do many others, you don't. So why should anyone turn up to your march?

10:32 pm  
Anonymous P.J. Denyer said...

Surely there is a big difference between not inviting people with whom you do not agree (or even actively not allowing them to speak at a certain event) and surpressing their freedom of speech.

As an athiest I doubt my local church would give me Sunday morning pulpit time, however I am (currently) at liberty to organise my own meetings at which I may say what I like. If allowing everyone with a view to speak at every meeting was mandatory it would be impossible to organise anything, it's not a question of censorship, just practicality.

12:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spot the difference.

Last year a poor innocent Brazilian man by the name of DeMenzies was shot on the London Underground by a over zealous, nervous and trigger happy police squad. Loads of people wanted to turn up to a "vigil" being organised outside Stockwell tube station.

I quite simply asked those organising it, whether the "Stop The War" crowd would be there complete with banners and wheter it would be too much to be asked if they could leave their ****ing banners at home and not politically hijack the poor mans memorial vigil.

Of course it all fell on deaf ears. I stayed away, as did others and all the loud mouth megaphone types said it was a success and naturally they sprayed the web with pictures of their chaps waving their "Stop the war" placards and banners.

Now that a socialist is joint organising this free speech event, when someone raises a concern about a group of people on the far right hijacking the event (Despite NO evidence), instead of people being told NOT to do certain things, people are told to STAY AWAY and political statments are made about their beliefs.

I feel like puking up, because it's ALWAYS the socialists that hijack events for their own political agenda and then when one hapless BNP member is caught just attending an event, it's "Oh my ****ing GOD!!! We've been infiltrated by the BNP, they want to hijack everything"

Voltaire, should do the decent thing and remove his post concerning "Fascists not welcome" and issue a statement that certain ACTIONS are not welcome at the event, rather than issue blanket politcal statements about such peoples "beliefs", based on all manner of assumptions.


7:05 am  

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