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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Endorsement: Nigerian Humanist Movement

Leo Igwe from the Nigerian Humanist Movement has been good enough to endorse our statement of principle by way of the online petition. We know that men and women in Nigeria understand better than we in the UK exactly what price a society pays for allowing religious sectarianism, extremism and intolerance to flourish. That means we listen with particular attention and appreciation to his words:
I hereby endorse this petition on behalf of the Nigerian Humanist Movement. We are all united with you in this march against the forces of theocracy and Dark Age. We are all united with you in this march for a New Enlightenment
We are honoured to have your endorsement, Leo. We know that it takes particular courage to stand up for Enlightenment values where there is the constant threat of religious violence and so we hope to be able to stand with you in your campaigns too.


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