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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Berlin-based discussion forum

ADF Berlin (Anti-Defamation Forum - Against Anti-SEmitism, Anti-Zionism, Anti-Americanism, Racism and Fascism) has set up a forum for discussing this march. Thay quote from an earlier posting here:
The purpose of this campaign is not just to make a public show of our feelings, but also to make a difference, to bring about real change. In our statement of principle, we said:
We assert and uphold the right of freedom of expression and call on our elected representatives to do the same. We abhor the fact that people throughout the world live under mortal threat simply for expressing ideas and we call on our elected representatives to protect them from attack and not to give comfort to the forces of intolerance that besiege them.
This will need to be fleshed out and a concrete set of proposals produced.
We are thrilled that this campaign is acquiring an international dimension, and are happy to recommend this forum as a discussion place for policy ideas.


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