March for Free Expression

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Friday, February 17, 2006


We are delighted to be able to announce a provisional date for the march. We have booked Trafalgar Square for between 2:00 and 4:00pm on Saturday 25th March 2006.


Anonymous Paul said...

Good luck !

2:31 am  
Anonymous Ted Matthews said...

I don't think we should try to match the mohammadans by conpeting in their favourite game.
We have more dignity and intellegence than to drop to their level. The preservation of our rights to freedom should be made thro' pressuring MPs and lobbying Parliament.
However I wish you all the best in your endeavour and safety in your day of protest

1:40 pm  
Anonymous Sagunto said...

Thumbs up for this initiative! It's about time to send a signal to politicians that freedom is not for bargaining with.

Especially in the U.K., politicians have succumbed to near-dhimmitude and tried to sell their cowardice as "respect" or multicultural sensitivity. Freedom of expression is in need of VISIBLE public support.

Furthermore it would be nice for the people of Denmark to witness a mass-demo and NOT seeing their Dannebrog-flag burnt and trampled upon.

We in Amsterdam will also gather feb25 in support of freedom of press/expression/speech in solidarity with the Danes.
Our rally will be at 13:00 pm; Dam square. Would be nice if another European city would take over at 15:00 pm; Berlin for instance?

Our logo's:

Kind regards,

5:02 pm  
Anonymous John steele said...

Unfortunately unless you have some banners calling for Death to America, Death to Isreal, threatening beheadings, demanding all disent with your case be stamped out, burn a few American, Israeli, British flags, etc., no one will take you seriously.

I do not expect to see this march covered on the Beeb. Sorry, but hopefully you will at least have nice weather and enjoy the afternoon.

6:12 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In view of the recent riots following the pulication of the cartoons, it is clear that muslims can no longer be allowed to live in western countries.
We europeans must not accept the barbaric, medieval world that muslims have shown to embody and represent.
We europeans should then exert the strogest effort to contribute to marginalize muslims in Europe by, for example, not renting them properties and apartments and by never offering them a job or going to buy in their shops.
We can not longer accept barbarism and violence.

4:27 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear earlier anonymous,

Is this a parody or are you serious??? If you're serious, people like you are as big a threat to my way of life as those who want to restrict the freedom of expression by rioting? Heck, we MUST treat all individuals equally and no way discriminate against anyone because of his/her opinions, religion, ethnic origin and so on. I'd neither shop at someone's grocery or rent a house to someone who I know has demonstrated against my values violently but we should never blame the silent majority for what the idiotic minority is doing, independent of what this minority claims to represent.

I would seriously consider taking part in a march like this if one was held where I live but not if I ended up in a crowd carrying signs like "Expel all Muslims".

10:18 am  
Anonymous ex-muslim said...

I'm in.

Simultaneous rallies around the world would be great idea.

11:43 am  
Blogger Giraldus Cambrensis said...

I will be posting info about this on Western Resistance, and making people aware on FFI about this.

This is so important, that all supporters of free speech should attend, including "moderate" Muslims, if such creatures really exist.

12:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How are you promoting the march?

I'm sure if the masses can get to hear about it, plenty will turn out.

1:46 pm  
Anonymous jay said...

Take a few Saudi flags with you and burn those. The muslim confession of faith is carried on it, underlined with a sword. A comment in itself.

You bet you will get plenty of news space

6:36 pm  
Blogger a china teapot said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:36 pm  
Blogger Voltaire said...

We might manage to make the beeb take notice. But please blog us and email everyone you can.

11:14 pm  

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