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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

News Update: Supporting Organisations

We are very pleased to have the formal support of the National Secular Society, and look forward to welcoming their members on March 25th. They have given us this statement:
“The National Secular Society regards the principle of free expression as the bulwark of all democracy. Without the freedom to openly and vigorously debate, discuss and disagree, we lose all other freedoms. The world has reached crossroad on this issue, and it is incumbent on all who love freedom to stand firm against the would-be censors, whatever their motivation may be.”

Alan Johnson from Democratiya and Mark Wallace of the Freedom Association will be speaking at the rally in Trafalgar Square. Other speakers will be announced as they confirm with us.

Mark sent us this message:
"Freedom of expression is the lynch pin of a free society. No matter how offensive one might find another's views, the correct response is always debate, not legislation, imprisonment or intimidation."

We are delighted that all parts of our society, with and without faith, left and right wing, are coming together to affirm their belief in freedom of expression and a peaceful, tolerant society.


Blogger a china teapot said...

Good to have the NSS on board.

8:05 pm  

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