March for Free Expression

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Left and Right Unite in Support of Freedom of Expression

The campaign for freedom of expression is now gaining endorsements from all parts of the political spectrum. Messages of support have come in from organisations as disparate as:

The Democratic Left:
The online journal Democratiya.

The Libertarian Right:

The Freedom Association

Please join with us to advocate a society in which we can agree, or disagree, debate, annoy and offend each other without anyone being threatened, hurt, killed or imprisoned.


Please consider emailing your friends and acquaintances, as well as organisations to which you belong, let them know about this campaign and ask them to support us.


Anonymous Steve said...

They might have sent messages of support but neither of them have given the march a plug on their websites.

Is that real support or just murmers of vague agreement?

10:16 am  
Blogger Voltaire said...

Steve, The Freedom Association has just posted a piece about the march on their website. Democratiya will feature it in their next issue (they are a periodical), the National Secular Society are circulating word in their newsletter.

1:53 pm  
Anonymous Steve said...

I sent the NSS an email yesterday. Had you already contacted them?

2:11 pm  
Blogger Voltaire said...

Steve, Yes, we've been talking with them for a few days, but thank you very much for mailing them and if you want to mail any other organisations you think might be sympathetic, we'd be very grateful.

2:14 pm  
Anonymous Steve said...

I've contacted English Pen who ran a good campaign against the Religious Hatred Bill.

2:26 pm  

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