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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

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Aisha, UK:
Freedom of expression and speech is absent across the Muslim world and dissent has dire consequences. If I wanted to be repressed I'd have stayed there.
Jens E Lassen, Denmark:
Free Speech is one of the most essential civil liberties in a true democracy.
Mark Alexander, UK:
Millions have died for this liberty we enjoy today.
Edward M. Bridle, Australia:
Minds cannot be free unless expression is free.
James R Burke, Canada:
Don't forget that it's difficult to learn ANYTHING without the freedom to ask questions about anything
Erin Bizon, USA:
This Country will never kneel to anything other then total FREEDOM, the media may but the people will not.
Malgorzata Zglinska, Poland/UK:
We have fought for freedom of speech as the Solidarity movement in Poland. For ours, and now for yours and ours again. We are all Danes.


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