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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Freedom in the Netherlands.

Sagunto, from the Netherlands, posted this in a comment:
our very own "march for freedom & solidarity with Denmark" (Amsterdam feb. 25th), is under attack from so-called "anti-fascist-activists" who are launching their own counter-contribution to free expression. In the past the mere announcement of a counter-demo by these fanatics gave the authorities a perfect x-cuse to ban all demonstrations. Hope it'll not come to that this time.

All the best & good luck to you Voltaire, from Holland with kindest of regards !!!

Best of luck to you too, Sag. We'd like to express our solidarity with and respect for you and your march. If recent events can bring together people all across the world in support of freedom, it will be a fine thing. I've seen comments from Poles saying this reminds them of the heady days of the Solidarity movement. I hope we can emulate them, and bring about real change.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't wait! Reminds me of good old times when I was a student plastering pro-Solidarity posters on a nearby militia station at 4 a.m. (there were already queues of tired women in fron of the butcher's to grab a few bones).
Long live freedom of speech! We are all Danes!

Solidarity of Poles with Danes

8:14 pm  
Anonymous Will B said...

good show! good to hear that someone is mucking in to fight for freedoms our forefathers fought so hard for. Dont let the British government set yet another example of giving into voilence like they did in Northern Ireland. Fight censorship, fight surrender to violence! i hope to attend the rally and i pray you set up some sort of system that prevents the far right from hi-jacking it.

11:13 pm  
Anonymous Sagunto said...

[quote]"i hope to attend the rally and i pray you set up some sort of system that prevents the far right from hi-jacking it"[/quote]

Dear will b.,

Over here in Holland it's predominantly the "far-left" that is using intimidation and outright calls to use whatever violence necessary to frustrate moderate freedom-loving citizens to publicly show solidarity with the Danes on behalf of free expression.
I personally don't think labels like "left" c.q. "right" apply: the extremists are bound together by a shared lack of civilization and a common motivator that goes with it: violent hatred.
We don't submit to those people, be it militant islamists or left/right-misanthropians (dreaming in self-hatred of their promised land: "Misanthropia" :-) )

Hope to cu march25th, first we've got our own '25' in Amsterdam

3:34 pm  
Anonymous Sagunto said...

Ad: prev. post:

Permit granted by mayor of Amsterdam! This means the anti-fascist-extremists didn't get their way this time :-)

There's an update in English about the Dam Sq. solidarity-demo:

also a previous article in English, called "Frihed":

Kind reg's from Amsterdam,
Sag. (sorry for not knowing how to link the url tags)

3:48 pm  
Blogger The Pedant-General in Ordinary said...

I do genuinely struggle to see how standing up for freedom of expression can be seen as fascist and thus require the attentions of the "anti-fascists".

All very odd.

Smashing stuff though - anything happening in Edinburgh?

9:59 pm  

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